On the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is known for its healing properties for a variety of health conditions. One of America’s top orthopedists of 2018, Mirylsa Colón-Martínez, MD, FAAOS, of OrthoWellness in Boca Raton, Florida, provides PRP injections to promote healing after injuries or degenerative conditions. As a foot and ankle specialist, and board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Colón-Martínez takes a holistic approach to treating foot and ankle conditions, incorporating integrative and functional medicine into comprehensive treatment plans. To learn more about the benefits of PRP, call to schedule a consultation, book one online, or come in.



What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) involves using platelets, the portion of your own blood that contains proteins. These platelets contain growth factors that are essential for clotting blood after an injury and helping your body heal itself. PRP is plasma that contains a very high concentration of proteins, more than is typically found in blood.

To get this highly concentrated PRP for injection into an injury in your foot, ankle, or another area of your body that can benefit from its healing properties, Dr. Colón-Martínez draws a small amount of blood from your arm and processes it in a high-speed centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other components. She injects the high concentration of platelets into damaged tissue to promote healing.


How are PRP injections used to promote healing?

PRP can potentially increase your body’s natural healing properties in a variety of circumstances and conditions, including:

  • Hair loss or baldness
  • Chronic tendon conditions like tennis elbow or Achilles tendinitis
  • Acute sports injuries such as pulled hamstrings or ligament tears
  • Postsurgical repair for shoulder rotator cuff injuries or chronic conditions
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Bone fractures

As part of your comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. Colón-Martínez may recommend platelet-rich plasma injections to improve your condition or heal an acute injury.


What does the PRP injection process involve?

When you come to OrthoWellness for PRP injections, a member of Dr. Colón-Martínez’s team draws a sample of your blood from your arm, much like a routine blood test. Your blood gets processed in a centrifuge that separates the platelets from the other blood components. Using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Colón-Martínez injects the separated plasma with the highest concentration of proteins into your injured tissue or joint.

Since PRP comes from your own blood, injections are safe, and risks are minimal. The entire in-office procedure takes about an hour, so you can go home after your appointment.

You may not notice an immediate difference after your PRP treatment, as the proteins take time to generate new cells for healing. Over the next few weeks and months, though, you may notice that the treated area is healing faster, or you feel less pain and discomfort when you move.

Learn about the benefits of PRP and find out if you’re a candidate for this regenerative medicine technique. Call to schedule a consultation or book an appointment with Dr. Colón-Martínez online, and walk-ins are also welcome.



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